Protecting Landowners in Transactions with Oil and Gas Companies

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By: Heidi R. Kemp Oil and gas interests can be a blessing for people when they turn into up front bonus payments for leasing and/or royalty payments from the production…

Ohio Supreme Court Interprets the Marketable Title Act

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By: J. Richard Emens & Cody Smith Oil and gas litigation continues in Ohio. Title issues are one of the hot litigation topics. We’ve previously reported on the Ohio Dormant…

Landowner Dangers with Solar Options, Solar Leases and Solar Easements

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By Dick Emens and Cody Smith We are seeing more and more Solar Option and Solar Lease documents. We are becoming more and more concerned for landowners because of the…

Oil and Gas Lease Assignments

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By:  Dick Emens and Heidi Kemp Benjamin Franklin is credited with once stating “…in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”  We offer that…

Oil & Gas Basic Timelines: Things to be Aware of

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By: J. Richard Emens & Heidi R. Kemp It’s almost impossible to live in Eastern Ohio and not have been affected by the oil and gas boom the last few…

Ohio Dormant Mineral Act: How Much Diligence is Required?

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By: Dick Emens, Cody Smith, and Heidi Kemp If you’ve been paying any attention to the oil and gas world over the last several years, it’s likely you’ve heard of…

Oil & Gas Royalties and Trust Income: Things to Consider

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By: Beatrice E. Wolper, Kelly R. Jasin, and Heidi R. Kemp At one time, landowners may not have given much thought as to how to structure the inheritance they hoped…


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