Family Business Services

 At Emens & Wolper Law Firm, we pride ourselves in our ability to add value to family businesses in all areas of their business.  Attached is a brief summary of the services we provide to family businesses, along with biographical information on our family business attorneys.

 Family Business Succession

Family Dynamics play a crucial role in the succession of a family business, adding a unique twist to how ownership, management, leadership and growth are handled. Eighteen years ago, Emens & Wolper attorneys co-founded the not-for-profit Conway Center for Family Business which provides educational resources and programs for family owned businesses in central Ohio. Our attorneys have extensive experience in identifying and handling the key legal and practical issues for successful transition from one generation to the next: communication, leadership training and development and family dynamics.  We draft the crucial documents in order to protect the family’s interest in the business, such as buy-sell agreements that are uniquely tailored to deal with issues specific to family businesses.

Rather than only focusing on the succession of ownership of a family business, we take a holistic approach to succession planning.  Through facilitating family council services, we coach family businesses on various components of succession, including establishing entry requirements for family members to enter the business, strategic planning, the sometimes conflicting wants/needs of different generations in the business and managing the transition of leadership, management and authority to the future leader(s) of the family business.

Estate Planning & Estate Administration

With an emphasis on personal relationships, Emens & Wolper attorneys offer a thoughtful and personal approach to these delicate subjects while presenting sophisticated and detailed solutions to clients’ concerns. We offer practical advice for confidential and often problematic issues. Our standard estate planning fees are typically on a “flat-fee” basis so that every question a client has can be answered to his or her satisfaction, without additional costs. The preparation of trusts for tax and personal purposes gives comfort to clients who may be concerned about future risks and wish to protect assets. With our family business clients, our attorneys take the time to make sure the estate plan is consistent with the succession plan for the family business to ensure a cohesive plan and smooth transition.

Our attorneys also assist executors and trustees through the administration of estates and trusts and in fulfilling their fiduciary duties. Emens & Wolper attorneys maintain an active relationship with probate court.

Corporate/Family Business Retreat Facilitation

We also facilitate family business retreats. Discussing sensitive issues with employees is tough for any business owner, but when the employees are family, outside influences, history and personal sensitivities can make it even more difficult to have an open and productive discussion.  Many family businesses find a facilitator helps to keep these important discussions on track while offering a neutral outside perspective. Whether you are looking for a strategic planning session or to discuss the future leadership of the business, our attorneys have experience facilitating and organizing retreats in order to stay on topic and obtain results.  We are happy to customize these services to fit your business’s needs.

Outside General Counsel

Emens & Wolper attorneys have provided outside general counsel to family firms and privately held companies for over 50 years, and have helped with the formation, growth, acquisitions, and problem solving, including assisting with litigation when appropriate. We are always available and extremely responsive which gives comfort to companies faced with questions for which they need immediate answers.  The team at Emens & Wolper offers counsel to numerous businesses regarding all aspects of their corporate strategies, including planning, contracts, leases, employee relations, and preservation of assets.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Emens & Wolper attorneys have extensive experience in the areas of acquisitions, mergers and sales.  As one of the top twenty M&A Law Firms in Columbus, we provide counsel with respect to the complex journey from Letter of Intent and Confidentiality Agreements, to analysis of asset vs. stock sale to Closing, and including the sub-issues of financing, real estate, corporate and tax planning.  Our attorneys assist with structuring, negotiating and completing preparation for sales and aid in the transition and completion of complex transactions.

Corporate Formation

Deciding on the appropriate structure for your business is vital. Emens & Wolper attorneys are experienced in advising owners which structure will be best for their business and assisting in formation and strategic planning. As the business grows, our attorneys provide counsel on a variety of corporate governance and contractual issues; we offer advice on how to protect the officers, directors, members, managers and/or shareholders; and on how to grow and protect the assets of the business.

Asset Protection

Emens & Wolper attorneys assist in implementing asset protection strategies for both individuals and businesses through estate planning vehicles and legal entity strategies. Our attorneys have experience in forming Asset Protection Trusts under the new Ohio law, and speak on the topic often.

Real Estate

All of our attorneys have experience handling real estate issues. Whether it involves purchase, sale, leasing, mortgage or other financing of urban, suburban or rural properties, we provide the practical and legal advice necessary to accomplish the clients’ goals; our experience includes commercial, residential and farmland purchases, sales, leasing and financing.